IGTV Vs Instagram Live – What’s The Difference?


Internet and social media have completely changed our lives. The significance of social media has changed the way in which we perceive things in our day to day lives. Nowadays sharing our pictures, places we visit, the food we eat are mostly shared on social media apps. It gains more likes, tweets, and comments.

What is Instagram Live?
Instagram Live is a live webcast on Instagram of any event like corporate events, music events, product launches, casual parties etc that allows you to start a video stating that you are now live and your followers will receive a push notification of your live stream on Instagram asking them to join your live stream before it ends. Instagram Live Streaming allows businesses to interact with their customers in real-time video. The feature of Instagram live allows videos to display at the same place where stories are displayed on Instagram. The live stream gets deleted in 24 hours same like stories. It creates a sense of urgency and viewers may end up missing some live streams.

What is IGTV?
IGTV is the latest feature unveiled by Instagram. The latest tool of Instagram, IGTV is even a standalone app. The popularity of Instagram as a social media app is on the rise. It is even used in marketing strategies. Instagram has expanded its wings in the digital arena. 

Videos that are uploaded and shared on IGTV can last up to 10 minutes. It can even last for an hour if the account is verified. The videos played on the IGTV app display on Instagram at the same time. The videos on IGTV are pre-recorded and not live which can even be recorded in vertical format. A strong video description or even a hyperlink can be added in the description below the video.

IGTV videos will remain on your channel like youtube and do not disappear within a particular time frame. Special effects by using creative tools can be used in IGTV videos while uploading.

The major difference between IGTV and Instagram Live
Both IGTV and Insta Live have their own significance in marketing campaigns.

  1. Instagram live videos are shorter in nature. They are beneficial in promoting flash sales while creating a sense of urgency. It engages customers quickly whereas  IGTV gives you an opportunity for expansion.
  2. Instagram Live disappears after 24 hours whereas IGTV does not disappear within a time frame. It can be accessed on Instagram or IGTV app.
  3. Live Stream on Instagram can’t be edited to enhance the video. Whereas IGTV offers creative tools like stickers, watermarks, etc at the time of uploading a video. It enables the user to add effects in live video with ease.